Psychedelicast: A conversation with the legendary psychedelic pioneer & ethnopharamacologist Dennis Mckenna coming this week!!

Coming at the end of this week, we are happy to present the video and audio of the conversation with our host & Dr. Dennis J. Mckenna, who is an extremely educated and experienced person as it pertains to many fields of science & altered states of consciousness. All his credentials will be listed along side the post for the podcast come later this week. He is also the brother of the legendary Terence Mckenna who became a worldwide “psychedelic guru” for many in the 80’s and 90’s. .The discussion varied on many topics but mostly focused on the psychedelic experience as well as the life of Dennis. The podcast will be up on Itunes, Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and many other places. Make sure to check back here as we have lots of amazing guests lined up in the months and years to come!!

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